Crop Level



Wine Assessment











Early March


Early March


Mid March



Similar to 2015. Warm spring but mild overall


Warm spring, early but cool year.


Good season. A little warmer than average. Mild post veraison.



Average crops 2kg per vine


below average


Average Sauvignon Blanc crop. No Chardonnay, Pinot or Riesling.










Really good wines


Excellent flavours, good acid levels


Really lovely Sauvignon

2013 2nd week of March Good season with no extremes of temperature and little rain near harvest. Slightly above average crop 1304 Another very good quality year. Fine flavours.
2012 Early March Perfect season. Mild summer. Very low crop 1191 Best quality year. Lovely flavours at modest sugar levels with good acid balance
2011 Late March Difficult year with rain at harvest. Selective picking ensured good fruit. Very little harvested 1271 Only Sauvignon picked. Rigorous selection ensured quality. All else lost to Botrytis
2010 Late February Yet another record early year Just below average 1280  Good year. Low alcohols with excellent acid.
2009 Late March Perfect season Just below average 1290  Fresh lively flavours
2008 Early March Another record early year Above average 1270
2007 Early March Very warm, dry year. Earliest harvest ever. Average crop 1417 Lively flavours, with lower acid than usual.
2006 Late March Good season. Warm finish. Low crop 1390 No rain at harvest. Lovely ripe flavours.
2005 Late March Perfect season, mild and sunny Average crop 1124 Excellent fruit intensity and acids. Fresh vibrant wines
2004 Early April Warm March, sunny and dry Above average crop 1282 Less overt fruit flavours. Wines to keep with good acid and subtlety
2003 Late March Very cool March. No rain Very low crop 1148 Similar to 2002 with concentrated flavours and high natural acids
2002 Mid April Coolest summer ever. Latest harvest date. Dry ripe fruit Very low crop 962 Ripe, intense flavours with high acids
2001 Mid March Hot summer, mild autumn with some rain. Very low crop 1412 Fine understated but complex wines
2000 Late March Hot summer, rain Feb & March Very low crop 1214 Tight subtle wines
1999 Late March Warm March. Late rain but harvest ripe & dry grapes Small crop 1407 Generous flavours with high acid levels. Intense wines
1998 Early April Warm March, Cold & wet April. Harvest completed before the rain Average yield 1359 Fresh, delicate tightly structured wines. Less overt styles
1997 Mid April Very cool March. Sunny April. Dry & warm at the finish Low Yield 1284 Similar to 96. Powerful wines with generous flavour
1996 Mid April Warm March but very cold and rainy April Average yield 1266 Robust flavours. Powerful wines
1995 Early April Cool March. Some rain in early April Low Yield 1368 Fine and understated. Similar to 91 and 92
1994 Early April Warm weather at harvest. Dry Low Yield 1230 Soft lingering, gentle wines
1993 Late April Warm, sunny March & April after cold, wet growing season Low Yield 1220 Powerful and concentrated
1992 Early April Average warmth in March & April. Rain slowed ripening Above average yield 1274 Gentle, subtle. Similar to 91
1991 Mid March Cool March Average yield 1394 Fine, understated. good concentration
1990 Mid April Warm March, av April, Mid April rain Above average 1406 Subtle, rich but not heavy
1989 Early April Hot year, dry Low yield 1336 Forward, overt flavours
1988 Early April Warm March, little rain Low yield 1368 Supple and powerful
1987 Mid April Cool March, some rain in April Small 1106 Fine, understated
1986 Early April Warm, dry Tiny; first crop 1243 Rich and generous