May 30th 2013

Really good vintage. Average crops of fully ripe grapes with lovely fine flavours. Bottling Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling next week.

Chardonnay and Pinot quietly resting in oak as well as our first Ferus wild yeast Sauvignon since 2009. Harvest was again earlier than normal. Our “normal” is now early March. No doubt there is a trend in ealier harvests for us. The season was kind with no real heat waves post veraison which is the critical time.

We continue to receive glowing reviews.

James Halliday’s Top South Australian Wines May 2013

2012 Sauvignon Blanc

Pale straw-green; year in year out, one of the most elegant (and most reliable) sauvignon blancs on the market; kiwi fruit, citrus and dab of white peach drive the fragrant bouquet and fresh palate., the finish dry and almost savoury. Prior history shows the wine does not have to be consumed immediately. 12.5%alc 95 points

James Halliday’s Wine Companion June-July 2013

2000 Lenswood Cabernet-Merlot

Estate-grown, and spent 24 months in French oak; the decision to keep part of the make for extended bottle age, and thus a museum release, has been fully justified. This is a rare opportunity to buy a fully mature wine direct from the cellar of the maker. All the components of dark berry fruits, oak and tannins have joined seamlessly and harmoniously. There will, I suppose, be some bottle variation, but it is hard to imagine a more perfect bottle than this one. 13.5% alc 96 points

30 May 2013|

February 2013

Lots happening. Our grapes are almost all through veraison (the start of ripening when the reds colour and the white grapes soften) and so we are about 40 days from harvest subject to the weather. Crop levels are about average at 2.5kg/vine (7 tonnes/ha) and the vineyard is a picture.

Yesterday we bottled our 2012 Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines and I am delighted with them. As with all our wines they are at least a year from being anywhere near their best but the concentration, balance, finesse and complexity are all there. Both just on 12% alcohol which I love. The heavy whack of alcoholic wines is so often overbearing. The 2012 wines all had high natural acid levels which means fine crisp savoury wines that compliment food rather than compete.

The 2012 Sauvignon is almost gone now but it is now in the full bloom of its youth. All wines need at least 6 months to grow out of their adolescent awkwardness and it is now the fine fragance and depth can be seen all against the background of the crisp natural acid.

8 February 2013|

May 2012

Our 2012 Sauvignon and Riesling wines now being prepared for bottling and looking fresh and taught with beautiful flavours. I am really happy with them both. Bottling mid May and then we wait for them to settle down and show their potential.

Chardonnay and Pinot quietly going through malolactic ferment also slowly building flavour. We’ll bottle these next year after 12 months in oak on lees. Fine wine takes time.

Some excellent reviews in the latest James Halliday’s Wine Companion (June-July 2012) for two of our 2010 wines.

2010 Chardonnay

Bright green-straw, wild yeast fermented in French oak, malolactic fermentation and lees contact have given the extra complexity and texture sought by Geoff Weaver, but have also left the vibrant fruit and natural acidity in charge. The finish very long. 95 points

Under the heading “worth another look”

2010 Sauvignon Blanc

Pale straw-green; the bouquet has the fragrance absent from many ‘10s, and the palate has exceptional intensity and drive, with a totally seductive mix of passionfruit, citrus and gooseberry; cleansing acidity completes a classy package, well able to take on the might of Marlborough. 95 points

2 May 2012|

March 2012

An early but succesful vintage. A mild summer with few extreme temperatures really helped the vines. Crops were tiny in Pinot, Chardonnay and Riesling (less than 1kg per vine) and still less than 2 kg per vine in Sauv blanc. The sugars, flavous, acids and concentration was excellent and we look forward to some lovely wines.

A glowing review from Jeremy Oliver in his annual wine book of our 2010 Chardonnay.

A joyful, delightfully fruit-driven Chardonnay with pristine freshness,length and elegance. Deep aromas of nectarine and peach knit tightly with nutty, dusty and spicy oak, with undertones of creamy yeast, cloves, cinnamon and faint smokiness. It’s long and concentrated, with penetrative flavour of grapefruit, melon, pineapple and stonefruit tightly integrated with fresh oak and finishing with crunchy acids and excellent length.

94 points Jeremy Oliver

20 March 2012|

January 2012

So far so good for the 2012 growing season. Slightly warmer than average with modest crop levels promises an eary harvest in March.

We must pray we avoid the devestating rains of Feb and March last year which made things so difficult.

Mild sunny calm days are what we need now. All those in viticulture are at the mercy of the weather but with a successful harvest in each of our 27 vintages we consider ourselves fortunate.

Our 2011 Sauvignon Blanc has been well received with glowing reviews and inclusion

by Tony Love in his Top 100 wines.


November 2011

This wine shows its cooler seasonal influenceswith a delicate style rather than the overt grassy-plus-passion fruit and tropical power lift in many imported versions. Here we’re more about crunchy pear aromas, lemon sherbet flavour, great balance and a beautifully dry finish. More please.

94 points

29 January 2012|

July 2011 Australia's Finest Sauvignon

Wonderful reviews and recognition from James Halliday today in his newly released 2012 Wine Comanion.

His list of Australias finest Sauvignon Blanc wines lists us as number 1 with our Ferus and again at number 6 with our 2010 Sauvignon.

The comments note particularly the structure of fine Australian Sauvignon Blanc and this is what we aspire to make; serious wines of depth, complexity and texture, built to age and accompany food. It is my view that fine Sauvignon, unlike the unfortunate stereotype, can meet the standards of all fine wines. The reputation is sullied by those thin weedy or rank wines but Sauvignon does not need to be like this.

The key for me is that the grapes are grown conservatively on low vigour soils in a cool climate then followed with sensitive winemaking.

We are delighted to have our wines recognised in this way.

28 July 2011|

July 2011

In the face of nature we are powerless. The 2011 vintage was our most challenging in our 28 vintage history at Lenswood. A cool, wet spring and summer made things difficult but the vines sailed through with no problems. Then in March we had 150mm of rain only a week before harvest.

Botrytis mould was there and flourished in the mild, wet conditions. I have always had faith in low crops, mature low vigour vines with plenty of air movement through the canopy but even this wasn’t enough to save us given the rain and extended drizzly weather which lasted for many days.

The good news is that with careful selction of the bunches to pich and then removal of all botrytis berries we were able to salvage some beautiful fruit.

Our 2011 Sauvignon blanc is our lowest in terms of alcohol (11.5%) and had a wonderful fresh acidity and pungent but still delicate fruit. I am thrilled with the result given how difficult it was to achieve.

Sadly no Pinot, Chardonnay or Riesling but that is life. We have had so many good years this was bound to happen at some point. It is the way it is working in the natural world.

4 July 2011|

November 2010

November 2010

At last a “normal” season. Budburst in October, flowering in early December and (hopefully) picking next year in late March or early April. As a grower we all run the gauntlett of the weather and late March is a much safer time to be ripening. The vineyard has never looked better and the flowering is about to begin. Much cooler and therefore later start to the growing season than the last 2 years and a return to near average rainfall and temperatures.

The Tony Love and James Halliday endorsements of our wines are most gratifying. Our styles are always understated and to have them recoginsed for excellence is most pleasing. It can be as an opera singer at a rock concert for fine wine producers. The reviews are below

The Advertiser AUSTRALIA’S TOP 100 WINES 2010

Tony Love November 2010

Geoff Weaver Lenswood Sauvignon Blanc 2010 94 points

One of the Hill’s most respected artisans has crafted a wine that’s a million miles from the variety’s usual Kiwi pungency. Cool climate Lenswood fruit offers a delicate waft of florals, teasing herbal tastes and captivating minerally mouthfeel that drives the palate for ever. So moreish.

James Halliday’s Top 100 The Weekend Australian Nov 2010

Geoff Weaver Lenswood Ferus Sauvignon Blanc 2009 96 points

This is “the other” Weaver sauvignon blanc, wild fermented in French oak barriques and given 12 months lees contact. No acid was added nor was the wine fined. A striking contrast to all other Australian sauvignon blancs that delivers great complexity and equally great intensity. It also has greater longevity than other sauvignon blancs.

26 November 2010|

July 2010

An excellent year so far. The vintage was our earliest ever with picking starting on 24th February. Despite this ripening conditions were ideal with mild days, healthy vines and lovely flavours. We bottled our 2010 Sauvignon Blanc on the 19th July and it as lively, fresh and aromatic as ever with its trademark juicy lushness.

Our Chardonnay has completed its slow wild yeast barrel fement and is building in flavour on lees in barrel with some regular stirring.

We have been advise that we are a red 5 star winery in James Hallidays lates Wine Companion. This is an accolade which reflects the fact that we have beed a 5 star wnery for 3 consecutive years. Always good to have this recognition

The winter has been cold and a bit drier than normal. Cold is crucial to ensure October budburst which means normal harvest late march or early April, away from the dangerous hotter weather. In this caper we are always in the hands of the weather gods. So far so good!

28 July 2010|

November 2009

This month we have again received wonderful recognition of the quality of our wines. Both James Halliday in the Weekeend Australian and Tony Love in the Adelaide Advertiser included our wines in their Top 100 selections. The reviews are below. The 96 points for our 09 Sauvignon makes it the highest pointed Sauvignon Blanc in Australia.

Halliday’s Top 100


November 14th 2009

Geoff Weaver Lenswood Sauvignon Blanc 2009

“Estate-grown, handpicked and bunch selected, the fastidious winemaking of Geoff Weaver puts the wine on another plane from the vast majority of sauvignon blancs from the eastern states; the gooseberry and kiwi fruit flavours are intense and penetrating, the palate very long and the dry, almost savoury, aftertaste lingers long” 96 points

James Halliday

Tony Love

THE ADVERTISER Top 100 November 2009

Geoff Weaver Lenswood Sauvignon Blanc 2009

Lenswood fruit, delicate melon and guava nuances in the aromatics, really pretty wine to begin with great balance in the mouth and a line of texture, freash sub-tropical fruits, deft subtlety all the way from start to finish. Stylish.

93 points

Geoff Weaver Lenswood Chardonnay 2008

Lemon curd and hazelnut aromas almost into persimmons-fully engaging to begin with and beyond, as wild ferment characters add interest along with herbal elements like lemon verbena and even sorrel with a keen balance between natural acidity and unctuous mouth feel- think crisp and refreshing, then a seductive creaminess in the finish. Distinctive.

94 points

Our vineyard is looking well with the abundant rainfall (910 mm for the year to the end of November) and the warmth of the soil giving a good start to the new wine year.

The heatwave of 5 days over 35 deg max in November coincided with the start of flowering on the 13th and all the flowering was complete within a week. Good even set. This was followed by 60mm of rain over the 27th and 28th but no damage done. So far so good.

1 December 2009|