Our vineyard lies high, approximately 500 – 550 metres above sea level, in the Adelaide Hills near Lenswood. We chose this cool place to grow grapes to make fine table wines of distinctive character.

Seasonal variations are reflected in the wine style but generally Lenswood is cool and even in temperature. Our vineyard is not prone to extremes of wind or temperature that cause vines to stop their flavour-creating metabolism.

Soils are old and of low fertility thereby growing vines of moderate vigour and with a natural balance between fruit and foliage. Irrigation is rarely necessary. The annual rainfall averages 1134mm.

Canopy lifting is used to enhance the light penetration to the grapes. Pruning is done by hand to allow the close control of crop level and foliage density is so crucial in cool vineyard areas. In short all efforts are directed to growing fine flavour in the vineyard. With each season comes more mature vines and refinement in our management to enhance flavour-creation.