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The first release of Sauvignon blanc from our vineyard at Lenswood was in 1989 and since that time we have established a reputation for producing wines of great power and depth of flavour. At Lenswood the climate is cool enough to grow grapes with intensity of fruit and still with enough warmth to ensure full ripening and richness of flavour.

To me the secret with Sauvignon blanc is to grow the vines in a cool region with low crops per vine which ensures fruit intensity, ripeness, concentration of middle palate flavour and a natural fresh acid balance. It is this depth of flavour which distinguishes excellent Sauvignon blanc from the thin, weedy examples of Sauvignon blanc which are so common.

Vintage Description

After the difficulties of recent vintages the 2012 growing season was perfect. Budburst almost right on average at 1st October, a short warm flowering period at the end of November and harvest in 2nd week of March. Harvest was 2 weeks earlier than normal because of our low crop level and excellent ripening conditions with mild sunny days with no extremes of heat or cold.
Temperatures early in the growing season were close to average but we had a cooler than normal end to summer. Heat degree days for the season were 1191 which is below our average of 1266. Cool temperatures post veraison favour high retained acid levels which, combined with fully ripe fruit gives a lovely crisp edge to the palate.
Crop levels were below average at just under 2kg per vine. Low crops assist with ripening and flavour concentration.


Tightly structured wine but with a generous, supple mid palate and a fine, crisp finish.


Lifted aroma of pear, gooseberry and kiwi fruit Fresh and lively.


Pale straw with a light green tinge


Fruity with a juicy zest on the palate and a lingering crisp acid edge.


Lenswood, Adelaide Hills


Sauvignon Blanc 100%

Oak Maturation



Crush, destem, gently air bag press. Clear settle juice and cold ferment to dryness. Our approach is to retain the fresh aromatics of the fruit and not to generate any harsh extractives which produce coarseness on the palate.


Will develop the mineral character of classically aged Sauvignon with time. Unlike many Australian Sauvignons ours do age well, slowly building in weight and complexity without any rank or vegetal notes.

Food Suggestion

Delicate to full flavoured seafoods.

Serving Suggestion

Cool to cold. Best between 5 and 100C. Ideal with seafood but can be enjoyed with a wide range of foods or on its own.


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  • Tony Love
    The Advertiser Dec 2012

    Offering a sophisticated approach to fresh Sauvignon that’s not overtly pungent but more minerally, citrus to field grassy in nature, delicate and faintly dusted with garden herbs rather than rampant sweetness. Bravo