Geoff Weaver wines is a family-owned wine business. All the grapes come from our Lenswood vineyard which we established in 1982.

In the early 1980s the Adelaide Hills was an untried region for grapes and wine. Our ambition was to plant a vineyard capable of growing flavours that would extend the style and quality frontiers of Australian wine.

This demanded a different way of growing grapes; with low yield from low vigour vines that fully ripened in the cool hills environment. Avoidance of the high or low extremes of temperature in the vineyard and protection from strong wind is fundamentally important.

The site we chose has ancient, low fertility soils and is high on the slopes allowing ample cold air drainage so that the vines are not restricted in their flavour-producing metabolism. In addition the soils have excellent water holding capacity meaning that irrigation rarely required and the vines have a steady but restricted water supply to support them.