A love of the land

The natural world has always inspired and fascinated me.

From the 1970’s on, first through photography, then later with paintings I have wanted to try to capture the essence of a place and time. It is the ambiance and “spirit” of a place that I wish to convey. I love the land and it is this joy I wish to communicate.

My first painting was completed at Wirrealpa Station in the Flinders ranges in 1974 and painting has been a major part of my life ever since.

As I progress though my journey in art my paintings have become more free, maybe a little more abstract, because I think this helps me engage the imagination of the viewer and the “feel” of the place comes through more powerfully. I have been blessed on my journey into art to have had some wonderful artistic mentors who have helped open my eyes.

I am painting the places I love and it has given me great pleasure.

If you would like to buy any of my paintings please contact me.

Geoff Weaver 2023

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