Lots happening. Our grapes are almost all through veraison (the start of ripening when the reds colour and the white grapes soften) and so we are about 40 days from harvest subject to the weather. Crop levels are about average at 2.5kg/vine (7 tonnes/ha) and the vineyard is a picture.

Yesterday we bottled our 2012 Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines and I am delighted with them. As with all our wines they are at least a year from being anywhere near their best but the concentration, balance, finesse and complexity are all there. Both just on 12% alcohol which I love. The heavy whack of alcoholic wines is so often overbearing. The 2012 wines all had high natural acid levels which means fine crisp savoury wines that compliment food rather than compete.

The 2012 Sauvignon is almost gone now but it is now in the full bloom of its youth. All wines need at least 6 months to grow out of their adolescent awkwardness and it is now the fine fragance and depth can be seen all against the background of the crisp natural acid.