Wonderful reviews and recognition from James Halliday today in his newly released 2012 Wine Comanion.

His list of Australias finest Sauvignon Blanc wines lists us as number 1 with our Ferus and again at number 6 with our 2010 Sauvignon.

The comments note particularly the structure of fine Australian Sauvignon Blanc and this is what we aspire to make; serious wines of depth, complexity and texture, built to age and accompany food. It is my view that fine Sauvignon, unlike the unfortunate stereotype, can meet the standards of all fine wines. The reputation is sullied by those thin weedy or rank wines but Sauvignon does not need to be like this.

The key for me is that the grapes are grown conservatively on low vigour soils in a cool climate then followed with sensitive winemaking.

We are delighted to have our wines recognised in this way.