What a hard vintage! Record heat wave from the 3rd March till the 17th which coincided with our harvest. It was tough for pickers and also for wineries with all fruit ripening together. We started harvest on the 6th of March (same date as last year and equal to our earliest ever start) and finished on the 17th. Crop levels were about average and a little up on 2007.

Considering the heat we got through the vintage well. While the vines suffered the fruit held up. One of the great benefits if hand picking is the ability to leave behind fruit in less than perfect condition. We picked around any heat affected, exposed fruit and the wines we have made have surprised and delighted me.

We have just bottled our 08 Sauvignon Blanc and it is bursting with juicy fruit. Generous but still tight and lively with lovely zingy acid. One of our best.

Our Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines are finishing there secondary malolactic fermentation and are looking good. They were picked early so had less effect from the heat.