We, like the rest of Australia are in the grip of drought. Rainfall so far this year is about half of normal and our dam is only 1/3 full.

This will test our growing dryland as our vines still need good soil moisture at the start of the year to get through.

I am hopeful and positive.

Recently we bottled our 06 Sauvignon which is beautiful. It is every bit as good as our 05 but with perhaps a little more aromatic lift.

We'll have the 06 available in November.

The 05 Ferus and 05 Chardonnay both bottled in March are really starting to open up now and are as lovely as I had hoped. The complex minerality of the Ferus contrasts with the supple gentle creamy richness of the Chardonnay. They are both cutting edge wines for us with substantial wild yeast components.

Here's to some rain soon!!