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2023 Riesling

Vintage: 2023
Variety: Riesling 100%
Region: Lenswood, Adelaide Hills

Riesling was the first variety we planted at Lenswood in 1982 with the first small crop in 1985. Our Riesling is on the austere end of the range of Riesling styles made in Australia and as such is the logical extension of the fine, subtle long-lasting wines from Eden Valley which have such an established place among the great wines of this variety.

To me, the essence of our Riesling is gentle, fine floral aromatics with the palate showing great finesse and delicacy. There is a mineral element about these wines and a wonderful capacity to fill out and grow in complexity with age, free from the heavy, overt, toasty aged characters that dominate many aged Australian Rieslings.


Tightly structured yet aromatically-lifted wine but with a supple mid-palate and a fine, crisp finish.
Aroma of citrus and lime. Fresh and lively.
Pale straw with a light green tinge.
Generous and juicy flavour with a crisp acid edge to the palate. Fine mid palate and a savoury finish. Delicate and lingering.
Oak maturation:
TA (g/L):
Screw cap
Serving suggestion:
Cool to cold. Best between 5 and 10°C. Ideal with subtly flavoured seafood but can be enjoyed with a wide range of foods or on its own.
Food suggestion:
Seafoods with delicate flavours.
Will slowly develop the honey character of classically aged Riesling with time. but will not become heavy or “kerosene-like". Protected by screw cap I have complete confidence in positive flavour evolution through aging.
Crush, de-stem, gently air bag press. Rack partly cloudy juice to old barrels to ferment. Barrels chilled to stop ferment at 12.2g/l sugar. We have made this wine with 6 months on yeast lees. Our fruit with its naturally high acid levels benefits from the balancing flavour effect of the extended yeast lees contact plus some sugar. The result is a fresh floral wine with a lively crunchy acid not unlike the style of the wines of Mosel. The fresh, juicy zing of the wine is its feature. Bottling December 23
The 2022/23 season gave us a cool winter and later bud burst than average followed by a cooler and wetter Spring and Summer driven largely by the warm waters North off Australia in the Western Pacific. Heat Degree Days (HDD) for the season was 1244 against an average of 1275 and we picked our Riesling on 14th April which is 5 days later than our average harvest date of 9th April. The late bud burst from the cool wet winter and slow start to the growing season with a very cold October had a major influence on the harvest date. Growing season rainfall was 353 mm. This is 80mm more than our long term average of 275 mm influence by a very wet November 22 in which we had 149mm of rain. Crop levels were extremely low at less than 1kg per vine. Our average Riesling crop is 2.4kg per vine. Mercifully we were free of fungal diseases and lovely ripe, high acid fruit was harvested in fine weather beginning 14th April. Our old largely dry grown vines do show the benefit, I believe, from deep roots sustaining them rather than more shallow ones subject to downpours and dry spells.


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