James Halliday

Estate-grown, wild-fermented in French barriques followed by 12 months maturation, neither fined nor acidified. A fascinating comparison with Flowstone's barrel-fermented Sauvignon Blanc. Here the exercise is tighter and more restrained, the accent more on fruit purity than texture and structure. The fruits have as much citrus flavour as tropical, the finish bright and fresh.

2022-07-26T11:30:15+09:30November 22nd, 2021|2015 Ferus Sauvignon Blanc|

James Halliday

Bunches were chilled to 5°C before being whole bunch-pressed to French barriques (50% new, 50% second use) for wild yeast fermentation, partial mlf, 12 months maturation. This, as they might say is the cat’s pyjamas, with its pyrotechnic display of grapefruit-driven fruit flavours, bright acidity and long finish. It is ambling surely along its development path.

2022-07-26T11:32:11+09:30November 22nd, 2021|2013 Chardonnay|

James Halliday

Chilled grapes were whole-bunch pressed, settled and wild-fermented in French oak (50% new), matured on lees for 12 months, 50% undergoing mlf. A smoky/toasty edge to the white peach of the bouquet gives scant warning of the drive of the palate. Here grapefruit juice and zest take hold with a grip in the 'stop, stop I love it' genre. Impressive wine.

2022-07-26T11:35:43+09:30November 22nd, 2021|2015 Chardonnay|


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