James Halliday

Estate-grown, wild-fermented in French barriques followed by 12 months’ maturation. Brilliant green-gold. Last tasted three years ago, and it’s still as fresh as a daisy. As good as they can possibly come in this style, said without intending to demean a wine of international class.

2022-07-26T11:29:26+09:30November 22nd, 2021|2015 Ferus Sauvignon Blanc|

James Halliday

Wild yeast fermented in French barriques and aged on lees for 12 months. It offers a rare combination of elegance and complexity, the latter achieved without any funky/reductive characters, the former with a combination of citrus, white flower and tropical fruits. Still cruising.

2022-07-26T11:33:38+09:30November 22nd, 2021|2014 Ferus Sauvignon Blanc|


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