We are well on the way to recovery after the devastation of December 20th. We have cleared all the debris and have two new sheds built and ready to use as soon as the concrete dries. The land is greening up. Most of our eucalypts and deciduous trees are sprouting new green growth and it lifts me to see it.

I also have a tractor and it has been a joy to get out and cut the grass and tidy up the vineyard. All the tops of scorched vines are removed to help the recovery growth which is bursting forth.

Our grapes are ripening fast and, subject to a smoke test on Monday, we’ll be picking next week. I am confident all will be OK.

Our 2019 Riesling has now SOLD OUT. It has been wonderfully received. There is still some of the 2015 Riesling which I just love. Thanks for all the support of those who have purchased wine.